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New Zealand Outreach – Dec 2011

OUTREACH IN NEW ZEALAND – Dec 26th 2011 to Jan 3rd 2012

Once again I travelled across the Tasman to join other collegues and evangelists in an outreach in the Bay of Plenty area.  Although we had rain some of the days we were still able to do outreach due to the great ingenuity of our Kiwi brothers.  We stood under street awnings in front of closed restaurants one day; another day we went to Rotarua and sheltered under the sails of their central shopping area. Another day we were in front of a closed bank in the Tauranga main shopping precinct.  It is great to work with such a dedicated team of evangelists.



As iron sharpens iron so our Kiwi brothers and sisters sharpen us all up for the year of ministry ahead.  We had some tremendous talks with people who visited the outreach sites and praise God for several who responded to the Gospel message.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

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