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Tamworth Country Music – Jan 2012


22 to 29 January 2012

Thank you for your prayers for me and the team of musicians, (as well as all the other helpers) who worked each day at the Scripture Union Country Gospel Music tent at Tamworth, central NSW, Australia.

In the Country Gospel Music tent at Tamworth.

Thousands of Country Music fans invaded Tamworth for a week and a half drawn by their love of country music.  Scripture Union along with local Tamworth churches sponsor a Country Gospel Music Tent where good country Gospel music is played live for the whole week. Ladies from various churches in Tamworth make tea & coffee and lovely cakes for the guests to enjoy as they listen to the music, testimonies and Gospel preaching.

My job is to paint sketchboards and explain them (preach the Gospel) during the music breaks. Here are a few of the sketch-boards.



It was a lot of fun coming up with “Country” themes for my talks.  I got a lot of comments and questions during my time at the Gospel Music Tent and it was a joy to talk to many who showed a real interest in the Gospel after listening to the music, watching me paint and hearing the talks.

I spoke to many during the week.  The other night I had a half hour talk with David and Betty who asked lots of questions about heaven and what it would be like there.  Although they are “church-going” people I was not sure, from our conversation, that they were certain they would be going there!  Pray for them!

I am now in Brisbane visiting friends and relatives.  Went to a great Men’s Bible study on Monday night.  Will be involved at church services in Brisbane on the weekend. (5th Feb.)

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