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What is Teach and Tell?

Our Aim

The Aim of Teach and Tell Ministries is to equip believers to reach those who have not yet trusted Christ as their personal Saviour with the wonderful Gospel message of salvation through Christ alone. We provide both “on the job” training and classroom instruction.

To accomplish this work, Teach and Tell Ministries has two simple objectives:

• Effectively share the Gospel of Christ with as many people as possible. We present them with an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

• Train local churches, Christian schools, Bible College students, missionary trainees, youth groups and individuals to effectively evangelise their world for Jesus Christ.

What “Teach and Tell” does…

TEACH AND TELL strives to share the Gospel of Christ wherever people may be found. Whether indoors or out, we want to reach people with the Good News of salvation by grace through Christ.

To gain a meaningful hearing for the Gospel, we employ various methods, in-cluding, sketch board messages, object lessons, mime, drama, music, flip-charts, and Gospel-oriented “magic” tricks.

These are designed to attract people’s attention and thereby share Christ with them. Those who join with us are actively involved in learning as well as doing.  They are teaching and telling by faithfully obeying the Lord’s command to go into all the world and preach (tell) the Gospel.

We are local church oriented and strive to help, encourage and bless the ministry of churches through training and discipleship. We work with individuals, teams, church groups, Christian schools, Bible schools and colleges, mission organizations, etc. We provide training for 1 day events, for several weeks, or as needed.

We Believe…

• That the Bible is inspired and the infallible Word of God.  It is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

• That there is only one true and living God eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

• That the Lord Jesus is wholly God and wholly man, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin. We believe in His life, substitutionary sacrifice for sins, bodily resurrection, ascension to the right hand of the Father and personal return in power and glory.

• That salvation requires repentance from sin, for by grace one is saved through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

• That those who acknowledge Christ as Savior and Lord belong to the church universal.  Christ is the head of the Body and each believer is a member of His Body, united by the Holy Spirit.

• That each person upon believing in Christ is regenerated, baptized, indwelt and sealed by the Holy Spirit, who gives gifts to the Church and produces the fruit of the Spirit in the believers.

We understand that there will be differences of opinions on these matters. We value this diversity, but emphasize the unity, love and harmony that comes from a common faith in Jesus Christ.


* To train believers to evangelise through the preaching of the Gospel using various methods.

* To teach believers to disciple and follow-up converts and to encourage them to start attending a Bible believing church.

* To model through teaching, example, and “on the job” training, so that believers continue to evangelise after the training has ended.

* To involve the local church in:

o Evangelism

o Undergirding prayer

o Follow-up of converts

2 thoughts on “What is Teach and Tell?

  1. Paul Garratt (MfM)

    Hi David,

    Great webpages – very well designed and they are surely a credit to the Lord, and your ministry. I have copied one of the pics of you to your record in the MfM database – now we see you each time we access the file!
    The next MfM CDs will be posted mid-late March from Malaysia to you @
    Teach and Tell, PO Box 131, Warragul, VIC etc. If this address is not correct, please email back.
    I wish I knew (or remembered) that you were to be in Tauranga in January. We are often at the Main Beach, or Pilot Bay for ocean swimming training or events. I could have come to visit your activities! But it sounds as though they were effective and fruitful.

    Keep rejoicing in His grace and care,

    Paul Garratt

  2. andrew omanga

    Dear Rev/Pr/Bro,
    I am Brother Omanga from Kenya,fellow-shipping under a shade with 21 members.The lord spoke peacefully in my heart and gave me a responsibility to serve Him and the community in Kenya.I started to serve Him 5 years as at now.I have given my life unto the Lord to use me as a vessel to His Holy work.As i walk daily to serve my community,My wife Yunia and I, preached at our home village during the dark days of our village. Many were laughing and scorning to us, however, we prayed for them as we kept on preaching….i meet many challenges especially for the orphans whose parents are dead .It took me time to think of what shall i do about these situation,finally,i talked with my wife and prayed to God to give me direction on what to do.The Lord spoke to me to gather these orphans into one place to and be their father by caring them,thank my deceased father for supporting me so much to have this orphans under my care.I have so far 27 sickly and healthy
    orphans together.
    They need the basic needs like a home where they stay permanently,they need Bibles,Spiritual materials, food,they need school fees,uniforms,books,clothing ,health and others.When this orphans becomes sick as most of them are prone to sickness,the government health facility is far from where they stay and thus needs traveling or any means to save their lives by fast movement to a health facility.
    I am kindly hereby requesting you to consider to assist this orphans and add them to your grant list as i am at risk of closing it down since my father who was my main supporter has died.And also request for affiliation so that God`s message can reach the unreached hear in my community and my neighbors with God`s word.
    To show love of God and support the orphans
    To reach many people with the true message of God, Make our community better for God`s people to live in and show mercy and kindness to less privileged in the community.
    I kindly invite you to come to Kenya any time you may find convenient to you and come and see us.
    Thank you ,i hope to seeing a reply from you. May God bless you.
    brother Pastor Omanga

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