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Sketch-board Samples

All sketch-board pictures are done by Dave unless otherwise indicated and may be copied ONLY if used for preaching the Gospel.

Welcher weg Gott Gute Nachrichten

Which way to God                                        Good News

Rich young ruler 

What if?                                                     Are you a good Aussie?


How to get to Heaven from Australia               Which way?

 3 lost things

“Rich young ruler” in Greek                                  Why am I lost?


NOTE: You are welcome to use any of these sketch-board messages but please give credit where due.  Not to be published in any form whether on a web site, electronically, hard copies or otherwise without permission from Teach and Tell Ministries.  Thank you – Dave.


2 thoughts on “Sketch-board Samples

  1. Gareth Cross

    Hi my name is Gareth
    i work in OAC in New Zealand,
    i would like to get a copy of some of your sketch board messages,
    What if?, A good aussie? How to get to heaven from Australia. and why am i lost?

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